Where do you begin and with what, and after that what next?

So what is it that a 'lazy' project manager should focus on during this initial 'thick' front end to their projects?

And by front end, if you happen to be following this is real project management terminology, then I am referring to initiation of the project. Well the back end of initiation anyway. There is a project, you are the project manager, and the project is kicking off.

Like I said; the 'thick' front-end.

So what is it that should get you out of the 'comfy chair' and rushing in to action?

Well firstly getting ahead, and then staying ahead, of the 'game'. Then planning a strategy for managing the two critical 'players' in any project - the project sponsor, who should be known at this point, and the project creep, who will be unknown but could be anyone or everyone, including, if you are really unlucky, the project sponsor, or , if you are really stupid, you. And finally, the project manager needs to be planning for zero communication breakdowns, a singularly significant activity since general guidance suggests that some 70 per cent of your time as a project manager should be spent in some form of communication or other. Three areas to focus on to ensure the project, that is your project, starts off in the right way, in the right direction, and at the right momentum, and with the right processes and controls in place.

There is a well known project maxim that says 'Projects don't fail at the end. They fail at the beginning'. Failure at the beginning is just harder to spot and hurts a lot less, for a while at least.

' A bad beginning makes a bad ending' Euripides (484 BC - 406 BC)