But no-one's home - Being accessible but in a controlled way

I'm all for being there for people, honest I am. It's just that people take advantage of it if I am.

So for the 'productive lazy' project manager I would suggest that it is perfectly acceptable for the lights to be on and for no-one to be at home; not all of the time obviously, and at critical times access and visibility are all too important. But for the rest of the time, why not let the whole of the team work a few things out for themselves, take some degree of responsibility and decision making, and generally get on with the tasks at hand.

Being there when you are really needed and being there all the time are very different things indeed.

Being reachable in a controlled manner, and within an acceptable timeframe, to answer appropriate questions (and not stupid ones) is equally important. The last thing you want is a long line of people queuing up at your desk waiting to ask advice, and you phone flashing with an ever increasing number of messages, all the time whilst you inbox is reaching capacity with incoming demands for your attention.

This can lead to the 'lights on all the time' syndrome, a very dangerous condition:

'What should I do now?'

'Breath' you might reply

'In or out?'

You have so many other more useful things that you could be doing, like reading a good book in the comfy chair for example.