But don't think of it as a Marriage

It's a team thing!

Well that's a truth but there are many and varied ways of working with teams, leading teams, managing teams and getting the very best out teams. People, as well you know, are immensely complicated things.

Your approach may well vary depending upon the nature of project management in the organisation that you are working in. Is this a 'one-off' or are you likely to have some of the team members on your next project. Is the project driven for the greater good of all or is this a business change critical project where people are expendable? It is a jungle out there sometimes and only you and your sponsor will know the need of your projects. Some projects will allow for people development and some will not.

You can read and learn from many sources on the means of assessing team members, characterising them, identify optimum working partnerships and working styles, and generally getting the best out of the team as a whole. Equally you can read about driving teams to the very 'edge of chaos' where a team can actually deliver magnificent productivity, but with a limited and potentially fatal 'shelf life' for those in the team.

So many choices but, as a general rule, consider this - a little love goes a long way and a lot of love goes much further. Consider your team, care for your team, love your team but don't marry them.

Treat them like a lover - flirt with them, tease them, treat them, promise them (lie to them if you really have to - but only little white lies) but never, ever promise them that the relationship is forever. It isn't! It is just for the lifetime of the project - remember that.