Success can be fun, failure rarely is...

"I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by."  

Douglas Adams (Author of 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy')

You have to laugh; well I think you have to laugh.

Without a little bit of fun in every project then the project world can be a dark and depressing place.

Setting a professional but fun structure for your project can really be beneficial for when the problems start to rise up to challenge your plan of perfectness. And problems will inevitably arise.

In the years I have done many things to encourage team bonding, lighten the darker moments of project hell, and diffuse difficult project related situations. I have even accepted the full and complete blame for every problem, issue and challenge to a project  in front of a room full of project team members, before walking outside and firing myself (in a loud voice, well voices - one mine and one me pretending to be my boss). The net result was a diffused situation, where it had previously been extremely confrontational between teams and individuals.

Done well this does not damage your status or authority but can actually be a very positive act in people seeing you a human being, and not just a project manager, and thereafter wanting to share a smile and a laugh with you during the day.

It is just the same in that hotbed of confrontation, the home!

Try looking at one of your children when they are in a really bad mood. Look them in the eye, with a serious face, and point a finger at them and say' Don't laugh! Don't you dare laugh! If you laugh you will go straight to the naughty stair!'. I bet at the very least you will get a smile out of them.

My family finds that, even in the most stressed out, aggressive, emotional and 'in your face' moments, if you can make the opposition (and I use that term loosely) laugh then the war is soon over.

It is hard to kill someone when you are laughing.

Well I guess that is true except for some of the more extreme psychopathic types ('No, I expect you to die Mr Bond' ... cue maniacal laughter).