Driving the project on auto-pilot, from the comfy chair

The Lazy Project Manager's Theory of Projects, from a Productive Laziness aspect:

'All projects are thick at one end, much, much thinner in the middle and then thick again at the far end.'

The 'lazy' project manager now oversees the project work with as light a touch as possible. The planning was done at the 'thick' front-end of the project, now it is all about execution and control.

A number of aspects work well in the world of productive laziness - firstly ensuring that the project is conducted in a fun and enjoyable manner, and secondly being prepared to throw that newspaper down, leap off of the comfy chair and deal with problems as and when they occur but in a controlled and productive manner.

In addition it is always good to spread a little love across your project team to engender good spirits and a confident air of potential success.  Such love is a good thing but you do need to avoid the trap of being swamped with attention, you need to learn how to operate an 'open door' policy but avoid getting dragged in to every little project detail.

'A whole is that which has beginning, middle and end' Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC)