Change and the Art of War

It is not malicious and it is not planned but the Project Creep is out there and will attempt to, at the very least, confuse your project. The creep may be one person or many, they may have influence and authority or they may not; they may be in your project team or outside the team, they may be your ally and they may not. But what they will try and draw in to the project, that you have so carefully planned, is change.

Project Creep (as in functionality-creep, feature-creep, mission-creep and scope-creep) is a problem where the objectives of the project are put at risk by a gradual increase in overall objectives as the project progresses. So the Project Creep needs to be carefully managed, controlled, anticipated and dealt with.

Change however, is good and the one thing you can be sure on any project is that change will occur. So it is not change itself that we should fear but change in an uncontrolled manner and without thorough consideration for all impact and consequences.

So beware the Project Creep, as a wise man once said many years ago - 'Keep your project team close and the project creep closer'.

Well actually what he really said was 'Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer' and the 'he' was Sun-Tzu, a Chinese general & military strategist ~400 BC and he said it in his book 'The Art of War', but you see what I am saying I'm sure.